5 Qina Muslim Brothers Detained
5 Qina Muslim Brothers Detained
Thursday, February 5,2009 02:00

State Security Police in the upper Egyptian governorate of Qina detained 5 Muslim Brotherhood leaders on Wednesday night.The detainees are: Dr Mohamed Solaiman, an inspector at the ministry of endowments, Ahmed Abdullah, on pension general manager, Dr. Saber Sayed Al-Sagheer, a pharmacist, Ahmed Ali Eid, an employee at the governorate hall, and Jahlan Ismail Hassan, a secondary school teacher.

The security forces first raided the house of Dr. Mohamed Solaiman who was hosting the other detainees on a dinner. After arresting them, the security forces broke into houses of the other detainees and seized PCs, mobile phones and hundreds of books. The detainees are to appear before Qina prosecution on Thursday evening.

 It is worth noting that one of the detainees, Ahmed Abdullah, suffers from several chronic diseases, including Hemophilia, which requires closer medical care.