Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Sharm El-Sheikh Summit
Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Sharm El-Sheikh Summit
Sunday, January 18,2009 13:10

After the war criminals, the leaders of the Israeli entity, announced a unilateral cease-fire not including a withdrawal from Gaza strip- making the return to aggression against the innocent possible and proving the failure of their crazy campaign against the strong people of Gaza- we were surprised with President Mubarak"s invitation to an international summit in Sharm El-Sheikh to be attended by the French President, German Chancellor, Palestinian Authority Leader, Turkish President, British PM, Italian PM, Spanish PM, Jordanian King, UN Secretary General, and Arab League Secretary General.

The question is: What is this summit for?

Is it to force the Israeli enemy to cease fire and withdraw from Gaza, open the crossings, and lift the siege?

Is it to support the steadfastness of the brave heroes of Gaza?

Is it to support the resistors whose weapons are no match to the Israeli"s destructive war machines which killed the children, women, old, and doctors, and burned the lands of Gaza?

How can the Israeli invader and usurping occupier be supported with all types of weapons while the invaded Palestinians and holders of the legitimate right to resist be deprived of it?

What is expected of the EU countries (Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Spain) besides Arab and Palestinian submission to their schemes and conspiracies?

Neither the Palestinians nor Arabs nor Muslims nor free people around the world will submit to the American-Zionist-European war machines or schemes.

And if the purpose of this summit is to subjugate the Palestinian people or lower their steadfastness, firmness, and resistance, then it will fail as all other conferences which worked towards this aim did, and it will further increase the firmness of the Palestinian people.  Moreover, all the Arab and Islamic people as well as the free peace-loving people will gather around the resistance offering it their emotional and material support despite the barriers and shackles.

It is the will of truth against the will of falsehood; the will of justice against that of oppression; the will of freedom against that of despotism; and will of resistance against that of occupation and aggression.  It is this will of truth, justice, freedom, and resistance which will triumph, by the will of God.


The Muslim Brotherhood



Muharram 21, 1430

January 18, 2009