Mursi: No Decision Yet on MB Shura Participation
Saturday, April 7,2007 00:00
By Ikhwanweb

Dr. Mohamed Mursi, a member of MB Executive Bureau denied that the Muslim Brotherhood completed the program of its political party that it announced months ago .
In a statement to Ikhwanweb, Dr. Mohamed Mursi, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s (MB) Executive Bureau member, and supervisor for the MB’s political and parliamentary section, denied that the MB completed the program of its political party that it announced sometime ago .
Mursi said that the group is currently preparing the party program that includes the MB’s reformist view. "We will definitely make use of all past experiences of the group, including programs of the Reform1 and Reform2 and Shura parties and other election programs that Muslim Brotherhood candidates presented in the last elections .
Regarding Egyptian newspapers’ reported news that the MB party’s program include accepting that any Copt can be installed a president, Mursi denied this, saying: first: the program hasn’t been completed yet; second: it is not beneficial to discuss such issues.
Mursi added:" We confirm that our Coptic brothers are a part of fabric of this homeland and they have all rights and duties, but I think that installing a Copt as a president of Egypt isn’t totally logical.
"How can this happen in a country where 95 % of its population are Muslims; can I say for example that a Muslim can head the Vatican; this definitely unacceptable" said Mursi.
Asked about when the party program will be completed, Mursi said that there is no specific date, because preparing this program needs huge efforts and there is no reason for a quick completion of this program under such bad conditions in Egypt, especially after passing the constitutional amendments and increasing the domination of the ruling regime.
Regarding the Shura Council elections, Mursi said that the group has decided in the past to participate in any elections; but definitely every election has its own conditions and decision; as for the coming Shura Council, the group hasn’t taken any decision yet on whether to participate or boycott.
The Egyptian Al-Dustoor newspaper has reported on Friday that the Muslim Brotherhood group has stated in its party program that all citizens have the right to run for the presidential elections, regardless of race, gender, religion or caste; this means clearly approving that any Copt can become a president, according to it, quoting well-informed sources inside the Muslim Brotherhood group.

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