MB Lawyers to Take Position After General Assembly Meeting
MB Lawyers to Take Position After General Assembly Meeting
Wednesday, December 24,2008 04:47

MB lawyers will not determine their position on backing a certain candidate for the Bar chairman post until the next General Assembly meeting. Such decision will be taken according to the pulse of this meeting, Mohamed Tosson, spokesman of the Sharia Committee (Muslim Brotherhood lawyers) and former member of the Bar Association council told Ikhwanweb.


Tosson commented on the statements of Sameh Ashour, the incumbent Bar chairman, that was published Tuesday December 23, in which Ashour confirmed his act of taking of decisions single-handedly, so that MB lawyers may not control the syndicate. Tosson said that such statements prove his disrespect of the syndicalistic work, and even his disrespect of democracy itself. He added that institutional work requires that the institution be run by its administrative board, and that the law states that the syndicate board is in charge of the syndicate’s money and administration.


The judicial committee supervising the elections headed by counselor Farouk Sultan has announced the final lists of the candidates in the Bar Association elections, after the exclusion of five candidates, and the concession of another two. The total number of candidates is 489.


The number of candidates competing for the chairman post is 21, most prominent of them are: Raga’ey Atteya, Talaat Sadat, Sameh Ashour and Hamdy Khalifa. The number of candidates for the board seats is 193.