Morsi Calls On Arab Foreign Ministers To Seek Fair Solution To The Palestinian Issue
Morsi Calls On Arab Foreign Ministers To Seek Fair Solution To The Palestinian Issue
Saturday, November 22,2008 16:55

Dr. Mohamed Morsi, member of the MB Executive Bureau, criticized the statements made by the Egyptian Foreign Ministry denying Hamas’ right to attend the Arab Prime Ministers summit in Cairo for discussing solutions for the Palestinian schism.

Morsi emphasized that such statements are not in favor of the Palestinian issue and would not lead to stopping the tyrant siege on Gaza. "Such statements follow the steps of the US-led policies to aggravate the siege against the persistent people," he added.

“Why are the Palestinians besieged and denied food and medicine? For whom the Palestinians should be eliminated after siege at the hands of the Israeli Occupation and the neighboring Arab countries? Shall the Palestinians be punished for refusing to surrender and resisting the IOF and US policies, or for insisting on their democratic choice and their fair and steady stance?” he inquired.

Morsi also denounced that the Palestinians are being punished for adopting free democracy by brothers in religion and Arabism. He inquired about Bush’s pledges to solve the Palestinian issue by 2008 as well as the findings of peace conferences from Oslo till Annapolis.

Morsi doubted the real impacts of those conferences on the interests of the Palestinian people. He also questioned about the stance of the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on the status quo in Gaza and why there are many attempts to abort any inter-Palestinian reconciliation.

Morsi criticized the Arab and Islamic regimes for muzzling their peoples and impeding all pro-Palestine efforts through closing borders, preventing relief caravans, and arresting whoever supports the issue by food or medical supplies.

He said the Arab and Islamic regimes execute the American agenda that suffocates the Palestinians and called on the Arab Foreign Ministers, who will meet this week in Cairo, to prioritize the Palestinian interests without bias to end the tragic situation in Gaza and maintain the unity of both Gaza and the West Bank.