The occasion of Universal Children’s Day ... Maat calls against the exploitation of children
The occasion of Universal Children’s Day ... Maat calls against the exploitation of children
Saturday, November 22,2008 12:03

In the celebration of World Children"s Day, which the world celebrates in November 20 of each year, and this in accordance with the recommendation of the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1954 that all States to establish a world day of celebration of childhood and children fraternity and understanding between children and work to promote and achieve well-being of children around the world According to the date that suits all countries and agreed that date the General Assembly"s adoption of the Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Child in 1959 and the Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1989.
Note that it is not any means of the media not coverage of the conditions of the Rights of the Child in Egypt in view of economic and social dimensions are sensitive, but actually the current status in the Egyptian society, but no evidence tells us the well for children"s rights and welfare. The evidence highlighted of the continuing problems of street children and child labor.
According to reports of content analysis of the Egyptian press coverage of the situation of trafficking in human beings until August of this year and issued by Maat center for Juridical and constitutional studies show that the issues of child labor and street children from the most serious cases because they focus mainly on the future of this community mainstay, namely children, future of generations understand Which will form the future of this country, they did not receive the required levels of care, such as children in the rest of civilized nations, we wont ensure a better future for this country so we would not exist.
And through what has been monitoring we warn of the ever-increasing numbers of street children, that there is no region in Egypt without specific numbers of street children increase or decrease from one region to another nationwide, with different levels of the residential of progress and Slums dwells areas.
The harsh economic and social conditions which they passed were responsible for the secretion of these children, causing exit to the street to be the platform is the main place, and that they are in the street diaries of very serious problems, and certainly exposes them to delinquency and criminality, despite being victims now, there is Confirmed fact that investment in human resources from the real treasures of the better communities.
We must all, on the occasion of World Day of the child to work together against the exploitation of children and employment, and to defend the future of coming generations.