Impending Protests Unless Nomination Doors Opened for Teachers
Impending Protests Unless Nomination Doors Opened for Teachers
Thursday, November 20,2008 06:14
By Mustafa Radwan

Secretary General for Teachers Without Syndicate movement, Hasan Al Esawy warned in an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb that protests are to be held all through Egypt unless the nomination doors are opened for Teachers Syndicate elections. Esawy complained about elections" derail at the Teachers Syndicate, for two successive sessions, i.e. for eight years, as law 100 concerning syndicates states to hold elections every four years.

Esawy said the movement waits for the verdict of the lawsuit it had filed to hold the elections. He pointed out many aspects of corruption which deteriorated the educational status in Egypt, wondering how corruption occurs at the largest union in Egypt with 40% of the Egyptian unionists and is one of largest unions in the world.

The movement held its quarterly conference last November 14, demanding to speed up the elections to upgrade the professionalism of teachers, to rebuff the tests" results of the teachers" cadre and to fulfill the presidential promise of minimum wage 1000 Egyptian pounds. It also called for forming a national committee for rescuing education, since authorities abandoned this task