Maat deplores the events of bullying against the party "Nour Ghad"
Maat deplores the events of bullying against the party
Wednesday, November 12,2008 09:17
Maat foundation for peace, development and human rights followed the incidents of partisan bullying which newspapers said that it belongs to split leaders on the Ghad Party and its the prisoner leader, Ayman Nour, and the thugs broke into "Nour" office provisional headquarters of the Ghad Party and a number of political forces, and setting fire and destroying a number of existing businesses buildings one of them Grube Branch, in Talaat Harb Square.
The scene of partisan bullying the growing of national forces and human rights organizations demands of the release of "Nour" due to his poor health, but that the exclusion of the crime of forgery in which sanctions out of the presidential amnesty, it prevented him from released these events coincided with the success of Democratic candidate Barack Obama In the U.S. presidential elections and the suspension of many high hopes in the pressure on him to bring democratic reforms in the Middle East as one of African descent, and the issues raised by the Egyptian reform and democracy in the Middle East, especially Egypt because of its central role in many issues.
Ayman Okail, Chairman of the Board of Trustees said "to imagine that the absence of insecurity and Talaat Harb squire devoid of any police officers, is suspicious and is a doubt after thugs cause panic among citizens, the incident reminds us of the fact that people blow themselves up in the Abdel Moneim Riad squire, near the headquarters of "Al Ghad" before about 3 years, without any security interference, and the result was arresting thousands of people from the neighboring area of Shubra al-Khaimah of the executors of the incident, while the current result of the crime of burning private property is the continuing absence of accused of the incidents on the police and judicial investigations, despite all aware of them and the publication of a newspapers".
The crime of assault on the legitimate Al Ghad party part of the series will not end as long as the life of parties is governed by the decisions of the parties Commission, headed by - perhaps accidentally - Secretary-General of the National Democratic Party Safwat Al-Sherif, and as long as the Law of Parties No. 40 of 1977, undermining the right to organize and political action , Where the conflict in which on " Licenses" of the activity of political parties and not on reform and democracy, and licenses are likely to go on having strong personalities associated with the system and were adopted by the National Party government, even the President of the Republic remains the head since the return of partisan life with Sadat"s decision until now.
The Foundation demanding the Attorney General to issue orders to arrest the persons who destroyed the Office of Ayman Nour and adjacent facilities, and who Incite them of the dissident leaders of Al Ghad Party, to investigate in the suspicious security shortcomings during the events, as demanding President Mubarak - Chairman of the National Democratic Party - to amend the fundamental law 40 of 1977 And making the emergence of parties in Egypt notification and not seek the approval of the parties to contribute to the amendment to change the political reality of Egyptian and by requiring the party to remain on the ground for as long unpublicized appeared to a real represent on parliament after a fair election is to be supervised by the judiciary without the intervention of security or government, and License of the party automatically withdrawn in the absence of representatives of the  Party in Parliament for two constituencies, a system adopted by other countries and succeeded and place in Turkey and helped the activity of political life there very much.
Foundation warns of the continuing political violence impact exercised by the entities belonging to the political and partisan institutions on the community peace and relations between the community and those involved in political and public acts, as it sees not be fit for Egypt and its history of the party that the bloody conflict between parties are continuing under the auspices of legislative represented in the law of parties with its great negatives and blessed of the Government in the form of laissez-faire of thugs affiliated to the Egyptian political life.