500 Employees At Monufyia’s Info Centers Demonstrate Before Governorate HQ
500 Employees At Monufyia’s Info Centers Demonstrate Before Governorate HQ
Friday, November 7,2008 14:22

More than 500 employees at the local units" information centers of Monufyia rallied for the second time this week before the governorate headquarter to protest against delaying their salaries for three months.

Ghada Emarah (female employee at an information center) said they are denied their ordinary, sick, and contingent leaves; "whoever wants leave permission, he will have this day deducted from the salary even if it was a sick leave. Further, we don"t enjoy health insurance," she added and called for pay increase since their salaries don"t exceed 100 pounds a month.

Abu El Futouh Bakr added "despite having been employed as those of the highest grades in our faculties more than three years ago, we are not yet officially fixed in our posts. Further, we did not sign contracts or enjoy social or health insurance to be able to get pensions same like other state employees because we exert much more efforts in our job than them given that we get exhausted in field activities for gathering information upon which plans and projects are decided."

Gamal Mohamed added they feel threatened of dismissal without any guarantees for their rights; "for example, one of our colleagues died and her family failed to get any of her right entitlements or even burial expenses," he added.

Demonstrators emphasized they would go on their rally every day before the headquarter till the get paid for the delayed three months as well as signing their employment contracts.