2008: Who Would The Middle East Vote For?
2008: Who Would The Middle East Vote For?
Monday, November 3,2008 05:53

Some interesting speculation two days before the U.S. election:

In the latest “Doha Debates” episode, a monthly forum in Qatar broadcast by BBC World, 87 percent of the audience voted against the closing motion, “This House believes the Middle East would be better off with John McCain in the White House.” While that sounds like a resounding endorsement of Barack Obama, Mona Eltahawy reports that many members of the audience “expressed ambivalence about both candidates” and their ability to bring positive change to the Middle East.

On the LA Times’ Middle East blog, Caesar Ahmed and Tina Susman do some informal polling in Baghdad, finding a slight preference for Obama, accompanied by a strong dose of apathy and ambivalence.

Bernard Haykel, writing on Harvard’s Middle East blog, believes the Saudis are rooting for a McCain presidency, mainly because of closer ties with the Republican party.