MB Secretary-General Stresses Youth Important Role Within The Group
MB Secretary-General Stresses Youth Important Role Within The Group
Wednesday, October 29,2008 02:58
By Mostafa Radwan

Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat (Secretary-General of the Muslim Brotherhood), stressed in an interview with ikhwanweb, on the youth important role within the group, adding that he does not make a decision at any level within the group without youth, that is because of their having the majority as well as the group institutions based on Shura, and he explained that Shura - the practice of democracy - is an Islamic moral constitution before the existence of any systems or regulations, as he put it.

He revealed that the relationship between the leaders and the youth within the group, is the same in which God defines in the holy Qur"an saying:"And who came after them say: Our Lord forgive us and our brothers who have faith in You before us," and expressed his wish that the new generation will be better than the previous one, as they should prepare themselves for burdens  and duties committed to them, adding that hopes and wishes exceed human life, and he look upon the future generations to achieve Man"s hopes, pointing that what Muslim Brotherhood wants for mankind can not be achieved by an individual regardless perfection and effort he will exert.

He described youth as being the holders of the flag and the blood that flows in the veins of the Islamic nation, stressing that the role of youth within the group is a primary one, referring to the history of the group either on the domestic or international levels, as youth in Egypt were the ones who liberated Egypt from colonialism, besides the fact that the Islamic awakening in Egypt was by university students.