Kafr El Sheikh University Expels five MB Affiliates
Kafr El Sheikh University Expels five MB Affiliates
Tuesday, October 28,2008 13:08

The administration of Kafr El Sheikh University dismissed five Brotherhood students for two weeks without any reasons.

Expelled students are Ahmad El Zawi (Veterinary student) as well as other four students of Education; (Osama El Shami, Samir Abdul Haii, Karim El Askari, and Ibrahim El Shalawi.

Ikhwanweb reporters said the MB students distributed a statement inside the university disclosing the violations taking place against them due to denying their rights to run up for the students union elections which were forged ahead of time.

Thus, dismissed students mounted eighteen; thirteen of them pursued legal actions before the judiciary court to cancel the dismissal decision. The case was put off till next Wednesday