Opening An Investigation Into Torturing Awseem’s Citizen
Opening An Investigation Into Torturing Awseem’s Citizen
Tuesday, October 28,2008 08:37

Chancellor Hisham Al Darandali, Attorney General of North Giza prosecutions, ordered to open an immediate investigation into the communication made by a citizen from Awseem city against the head of the State Security Investigations Bureau (in Imbaba); to accuse the latter of torturing him after storming his house without a warrant, as well as intimidating his family and threatening him to rape his wife.

Rabeea Al Bahwashy, a citizen from Awseem city, has accused the head of the State Security Investigations and his adjutants in Imbaba Police Station, of storming his apartment after midnight without a warrant, and accompanied by a large security force which turned the house upside down, seized his computer, his mobile phone, and some books and personal collections. That was amid the cries of his young children and the astonishment of his wife and his neighbors who were horrified by the large number of the military Legions in and outside the apartment.

Al Bahwashy stated in his communication that the security forces took him to the headquarters of the SSI; where they blindfolded him, beaten and tortured him brutally for 48 hours, despite the fact that he did not commit any crime, but only for that he secluded himself in a mosque in Awseem in the last ten days of Ramadan, and they accused him of being in a link with some members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

According to the communication, the Security exerted all ways of moral and physical pressure on him, to force him to provide any information on the names and addresses of those belonging to MB whom the security claimed that he knows, besides that the SSI threatened to kill him and bring his wife and rape her before him, in addition to torturing his children and his family.

Al Bahwashy asked the Attorney-General to take all legal procedures against the head of the State Security Investigations Bureau and his adjutants,  questioning them on his moral and physical torture, as well as questioning the police commissioner of Imbaba Police Station on detaining him in the police station without a warrant or according to a court ruling.