Habib Denies Al-Dustour’s Zionist Recognition Claims
Habib Denies Al-Dustour’s Zionist Recognition Claims
Saturday, October 25,2008 12:36
By Ahmed Ramadan
Mohamed Habib denied claims published by Egyptian daily Al-Dustour around the recognition of the Zionist entity and labeling AKP as secular and liberal.
Dr. Mohamed Al Sayed Habib, the first deputy chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, denied claims of Al-Dustour daily (issue number 492 on Oct, 23rd, 2008) quoting him as telling Turkish Zaman newspaper that:" The Muslim Brotherhood will recognize the Zionist entity in case it retreats to 1948 borders and gives the Palestinians the right to return".
Habib stressed that these alleged statements attributed to him are groundless. He only said that the Muslim Brotherhood sees the Zionist enemy as a occupation force which is usurping an Arab and Islamic land and that resistance must be maintained to eradicate this occupation. He stressed also that allowing Palestinian refugees to return to their houses and their homeland is not negotiable.
"We seek in the end a single one single Palestinian state where Muslims, Christians and Jews live side by side", adding that there is no place for racial Zionism on the land of Palestine.
Dr. Habib denounced also the newspaper"s allegedly quoting him that he described the Justice and Development Party (AKP) in Turkey as " a secular liberal party. "I didn"t say this. I said only that the party labels itself as "conservative.
The MB deputy chairman sent a letter to Ibrahim Eissa the Al-Dustoor editor-in-chief of Al-Dustour to correct the false claims that the paper published.