Elections Judicial Committee’s Practices Biased, Says Tag El Din
Elections Judicial Committee’s Practices Biased, Says Tag El Din
Friday, October 24,2008 17:03
By Mostafa Radwan

In his exclusive statements to Ikhwanweb, Gamal Tag El Din (former member of lawyers’ council) said the judicial committee in charge of the elections which is presided by Judge Adel Andros is against neutrality.

“The committee committed gross mistake when it surprised us by establishing a subcommittee to organize symposia is favor of Sameh Ashour and publicizing for his electoral list though the head of the committee pledged to equally publicize for the candidates”, he added.

Tag El Din said he would warn the committee and call for removing such signboards and ban the biased conferences since this paves the way before conflict.

He accused the committee of siding Ashour and his list and expressed worries over troubling frustrating indicators that assert the prejudice of the committee; especially after witnessing the twice- a day- meeting between Ashour and Minister of Justice.

Tag El Din indicated that the meetings of Shariah Committee outside Cairo in several governorates and asserted that Shariah Committee might announce its attitude towards the runner-ups for the syndicate’s chief chair after next Sunday till a decision of holding or cancellation of elections had been passed.