First Lawsuit Against Sexual Harassment In Egypt
First Lawsuit Against Sexual Harassment In Egypt
Monday, October 20,2008 09:30


In a step which is the first of its kind, North Cairo Court in Al Abassya, Chamber 3 east of Cairo, will examine next Tuesday October 28, the first case on sexual harassment in Egypt.


 This came after a girl called Noha "Twenty-five years old" was subjected to a curt sexual harassment on June 26, 2008 at 05:00 pm, in Reffaa Street branched of Al khalipha al-Ma"mun Street, where she was walking with her friend, when a car driver pulled her from her chest and then tried to escape quickly. However, the girl tried to catch him and ask the help of the pedestrians, and threw herself on his car, trying to stop him as possible as she can; the slowness of traffic in the street helped her in doing that.


With the help of one person – of many who were gathered – she was able along with her friend to take the assailant to the police station. Noha refused the driver"s apology and the attempts of reconciliation to avoid the "scandals", and she insisted on writing a record and having her right which has been violated, so a record has been written.


The police refused to record what had happened but only after the coming of Noha"s father despite her exceeding the legal age, the record was transferred to Heliopolis prosecution, where the statements of both the victim and the defendant were recorded (the record No. 11652).


There is a police station at the end of the street where the accident occurred, where the workers refused to go with her friend when she asked their help, and they told her that she must bring the offender by herself, and then refused to write a record, as this is the job of the police station, not the police office.


Lamiaa Lutfi (member of New Women Foundation) said in an interview to ikhwanweb that the phenomenon of harassment has been existing for a long time, but the new thing is the collective harassment which occurs in the crowd, and which we witnessed especially in the feasts, whether in the last year or in this year, but there is a difference between them, as the Interior Ministry denied the existence of this phenomenon last year and admitted it this year.


She urged the victims of harassment to look for their right through the law, and not to leave it or escape from it, and she praised the example of Noha, as it led to bring the first lawsuit in this regard, she also called for solidarity with Noha and all others subjected to sexual harassment.