Rights Conference On Escalation Of Torture In Egypt
Rights Conference On Escalation Of Torture In Egypt
Sunday, October 19,2008 02:00


Seventeen rights organizations will be holding a press conference entitled, "Torture Is a Crime Against Humanity," today at 12 noon in the Hisham Mubarak Law Center in response to the escalation of torture incidents in Alexandria and Samalut.


The conference aims to clarify the stance of these organizations regarding the escalation of torture in Egypt and discuss their future activities for combating these crimes.  The book entitled "Torture is a Crime Against Humanity"  written by Researcher Atef Shahhat will be distributed along with a CD of the witnesses of victims who"d been exposed to torture at the hands of police cops.


Organizations which will be participating are: The Arab Network for Human Rights Information, Egyptian Organization for Human Rights, Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, Egyptian Center for Women"s Rights, El-Hilal Association for Lawyers" Freedoms, Shehab Institute for Human Rights Studies, Coordination Committee for the Trade Union and Workers" Rights and Liberties, Defense Front for Labors" Rights, Nadim Center for Psychological Treatment and Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence, Earth Center for Human Rights, Hisham Mubarak Law Center, Hilali Institute, Egyptian Social Democratic Center, Torture in Egypt site, Egyptians Against Torture movement, Ru"yah Center for Studies, Habi Center for Environmental Rights, and the New Women"s Institute.


A delegation from each of the organizations had filed a complaint to the Attorney General against the Minister of Interior Major General Habib El-Adly requesting immediate investigation into the torture incidents committed by the accused cops.