Zaqazeeq Criminal Court For Release Of Sharqiyyah Students
Zaqazeeq Criminal Court For Release Of Sharqiyyah Students
Monday, October 13,2008 03:19
By Mustafa Radwan


On Sunday, October 12, the Zaqazeeq Criminal Court supported the decision of Zaqazeeq Misdemeanors Court First Appellate Division issued Saturday, October 11, to release twelve MB students. 


The students had been arrested on September 16 on the charges of disturbing public security and functioning of state institutions, and stirring public opinion.  The prosecution had ordered their release the next day then went back on its decision, a precedent of its kind.  Then on September 20, the judge ordered their detention for 15 days for further investigations.


The released are:  Dr. Ihab Mahmoud (Assistant Professor in the Faculty of  Qualitative Education and training course lecturer), Hamed Sha"ban (Engineer and training course organizer), and the students:  Ibrahim El-Shawadfy Mohamed (Faculty of Education, Zaqazeeq), Mohamed Shaltout (Faculty of Engineering, Minia El-Qamh), Ahmed Kamal (Faculty of Commerce, Belbis), Mahmoud El-Tawil (Faculty of Medicine, Abu Kebir), Osama Abu Hatab (Faculty of Agriculture, Kafr Sakr), Mohamed Mar"i (Faculty of Engineering, North Sinai), Hany Mohamed (Faculty of Fundamentals of Religion, Zaqazeeq), Abdullah Ibrahim (Faculty of Commerce, Zaqazeeq), Omar El-Sayyid Isma"il (manufacturing technical institute), Mohamed Ramadan (health technical institute).