The Presidential Pardon for Issa
The Presidential Pardon for Issa
Saturday, October 11,2008 13:48



A presidential pardon in favor of Ibrahim Issa, editor- in chief of Addustour newspaper issued yesterday. Issa was sentenced to two months imprisonment on allegations of publishing false news on president" health. Legal Aid Unit of the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information welcomes pardon decision, however it does not consider this order as a fulfillment of president"s promise to abolish imprisonment penalties on publishing offenses, for still there are cases before courts against journalists threatened to be sentenced to terms in prison.


"The decision was naturally selective, an decision to pardon a certain journalist does neither mean necessarily ending the imprisonment in publishing offences, nor that the journalists will no more be imprisoned for expressing their opinions and publishing, following pardon order, for instance, the four editor- in chief are waiting trials including Issa himself, who is favored now from this presidential pardon, editor in chief of al-Fajr newspaper on allegation raised by Al Azhar’s Sheikh, as well as Abdel Halim Qandil and many others.” said Hamdi Al Assiouti, Legal Consultant of the Unit today.


The Legal Aid for Freedom of Expression at ANHRI demanded to the legislation amendments to be made to refine laws from articles that criminalize publishing and the imposition of exaggerated fines which will lead press institutions to collapse.


The Unit stresses on urgency of enforcing the Egyptian constitution provisions that provide for the freedom of expression and freedom of opinion and all international conventions ratified by Egypt which became part of the constitution.