Tortured Ex-Colonel Case: Postponing Trial of Two Officers and Two Detectives
Tortured Ex-Colonel Case: Postponing Trial of Two Officers and Two Detectives
Tuesday, September 16,2008 05:15

Al Ismailyya Criminal Court adjourned to November the trial of two police officers and two detectives at Al Ismailyya (second) police station, after accusing them of torturing the citizen Adel Al Shaer (ex- Colonel), treating him cruelly and causing him deficit in his ear by 80 %, according to medical reports.

The Court postponed the case till the end of next November, when the accused officers’ defense asked the court to attach the medical file of the Armed Forces -belonging to the victim- to the other case’s papers; they alleged that this file may confirm that the victim was injured before the torture incident.

The victim’s defense considered all requests of the defenders, to be just a cause to prolong the case, never add to it something new and are not true. The court issued the postponing of the lawsuit till next November.

This case began from December 28, 2006, when the Chief of detectives Essam Abdul Hafez and his associate Ahmad Hassan Ateia and the two detectives Mohamed Ali Salem and Al Husseiny Abdul Aziz tortured Adel Al Sha’er, treated him badly and with cruelty while detaining him.

Al Shaer was beaten at his home; his wife was insulted with offensive terms in front of him and his sons, he was stripped naked in front of his family and taken from home in this condition.

When he reached the police station, he was detained in the fridge room and was beaten again severely.

Al Ismailyya prosecutors investigated in Al Sha’er torture incident and an official medical report issued from the section of nose, ears and throat at Al Ismailyya General Hospital, declared that he suffers from bloody infiltration behind the left ear and a separation in the ear’s bones responsible for transferring the eardrum movement (the sound), what leads to lack of hearing and he might need a surgery to install ventilation tubes for the ear.