Internet Calls For Solidarity With Abdul Halim Qandil
Internet Calls For Solidarity With Abdul Halim Qandil
Sunday, September 14,2008 02:36
By Mustafa Radwan

A group of activists on the Internet has sent a call for solidarity with Abdul Halim Qandil (the editor of Sawt Al-Omaa newspaper) on Facebook social networking website.


The call was entitled "We want to unite in solidarity with Mr. Abdul Halim Qandil against the thieves of people’s livelihoods."


Qandil is subjected to three lawsuits of insult and defamation by NDP official Ahmed Ezz and his wife, Dr.Shahinaz Al-Najjar and  Samir Al-Shishtawy (a lawyer,  and the one who filed the case of the four editors), after Qandil’s publication of "Egypt first thief” article in the newspaper.

The Chancellor Hisham Al-Daranadli (Attorney-General of North Giza Prosecutions) has referred the case by the lawyer Samir Al-Shishtawy (member of NDP) to prosecution for investigation. The case includes the accusation of Qandil because of insulting and humiliating Ezz as a symbol of the NDP. Thus he will be subject to investigation next week before North Giza Prosecutions.

On the other hand , journalists are exposed to frequent violations and attacks which will not be the last, as a number of independent newspapers reporters in the Nile Delta governorate of  Dakahliyya  were exposed to many and frequent attacks by different authorities which reached recently to four  sporadic attacks.


The journalists had issued a statement in which they denounced the attacks that their colleagues were exposed to in the absence of all State institutions, including those newspapers that accepted to be silent.