Journalist Abdul Moneim Mahmoud Jailed Over Fake Case
Friday, April 20,2007 00:00
By Hesham Mubarak Law Centre

Security Escalation Against Egyptian Bloggers, Journalists
Abdul Moneim Mahmoud Jailed Over Fake Case

Some human rights organizations are lashing out at the Egyptian regime’s arrest of Egyptian blogger Abdul Moneim Mahmoud and consider it a curtain raiser for applying the notorious constitutional amendments.
The Egyptian regime continues its policy of tightening the police grip on people, using exceptional laws and fabricating fake cases to net prominent figures of the political opposition movements; the security forces arrested blogger and journalist Abdul Moneim Mahmoud, a correspondent for Al-Hiwar satellite channel and administrator of Ana Ikhwan blogspot. He appeared before Shubra Al Khaymah prosecution under the so called Cooperation Institute Case which was fabricated against some Cooperation Institute students in Shubra Al Khaymah under the claim that they organize military parades. These accusations were refuted by the president of the institute who denied that any military parade was organized in the institute
The public prosecution accused blogger Abd Al-Moneim accusations of belonging to an outlawed group, possessing and taking pictures that may disturb public order and organize meetings with Cooperation Institute students. It decided to jail him for fifteen days pending trial.
It is worth mentioning that Abdul Moneim Mahmoud’s press activities and his continuous criticism to the regime, specially in his weblog, are the real creason for fabricating these accusations and netting him in a fake case.
This case against Abdul Moneim Mahmoud isn’t the first one against journalists; the regime has recently harassed and fabricated fake cases against bloggers and journalists.
Despite the regime’s unreal reform promises and the amendments on publishing laws that do not allow a provisional detention, but the Egyptian regime circomlucutes and maneuver to maintain its policy of jailing journalists and bloggers; it replaced charges of publishing with charges of creating and possessing pictures that my disturb public order; the regime aims through this to maintain its policy of escalation against opposition journalists and bloggers.
The undersigned organizations denounces arresting blogger and journalist Abdul Moneim Mahmoud and confirm that the Egyptian regime proves every day its enmity to any one who expresses his opinion and that the regime will not retreat from its police state policy and method of the predawn visitors against any opposition. This proves that this regime has broken its promises of reform and respecting opposition views and that this regime that has a long and black history of human rights violations, tortures and fabricating cases and accusations has no relation with reform and is a tyrannical regime that protects only the corrupt.
Jailing blogger Abdul Moneim Mahmoud and fabricating fake cases against students and workers is seemingly a curtain raiser for applying the suspicious constitutional amendments, constitutionalzing the state of emergency and canceling justice supervision over arrest, imprisonment and searches. We are sure that what is coming next will be worse under these suspicious amendments and the coming anti-terrorism law that will allow the police state to throw behind bars every opponent to protect the scenario of succession of power from Hosni Mubarak to his son Gamal Mubarak.
The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information
Hesham Mubarak Law Centre
Al-Hurriya Center for Political Rights and Support Democracy

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take his hat off to Abdel Moneim…
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