Parliament Blaze Might Be Arson, Says Brotherhood MP
Parliament Blaze Might Be Arson, Says Brotherhood MP
Friday, August 22,2008 01:18

Mohsin Radi (member of the MB parliamentary bloc and member of Information and Culture Committee at the PA) strenuously criticized the Interior Ministry for violating the journalists’ right to cover the Shura Council blaze events.


Radi said that the government’s insistence to bar the press from covering the event and confiscating Al Badeel newspaper on Wednesday raises suspicions that there might be a criminal hand behind the blaze which the government wants to hide.


He added that banning the coverage of the crisis resembles forging of elections practiced by the government. that can no longer control a fire or protect highly important historic documents.


"The burning of the documents of the ferry owner who killed thoudands of Egyptians raises my doubts,” he said in statements to the bloc’s website.  


He strongly criticised the interior ministry for the lack of preemptive measures and safety guarantees that can prevent such crises from happening.


Security forces have cordoned the place Tuesday and denied the access of all journalists and photographers to the place.


There have been harassments between policemen and journalists on the day of the blaze. Mohamed Abdul-Qadir (Al-Masry Al-youm parliament reporter) was assaulted by policemen who tore his clothes and his press ID card.


Government-owned Al-Ahram Press refused to print the second edition of Al-Badeel leftist newspaper on Wednesday obviolusly because of the headlines that read  "Huge Fire at Shura Council Reaches the People’s Assembly" and "Burnt Documents of the Ferry Disaster, Upper Egypt Train Crash, and Carcinogens."