Egypt: 341 Victims of Bread Crisis in Six Months
Egypt: 341 Victims of Bread Crisis in Six Months
Tuesday, August 5,2008 04:16

A field study on human rights revealed that 14 citizens were killed and other 190 were injured, and 137 arrested in bread lines in Egypt at the first half of 2008.


The study of Sons of Earth (Awlaad Al Ard) Center for Human Rights showed that the labor movement has witnessed  (at the first half of 2008 )118 sit-ins, 68 strikes ,48 demonstrations, and 5 protests, suicide of  10 workers, layoff of 20550 workers and killing and injuring of other 1005 as a result of the absence of the industrial security devices, in addition to the death of 36 workers and the injuring of other 969 as a result of lack of  industrial security devices and health care at work sites.


The study indicated that these protests were due to the low salaries. The workers demanded high wages and incentives and giving them a social allowance which the government had promised with, and increasing the price of the meal from 60 to 90 pounds; after the inflammable food commodity prices.


The Temporary workers protested for insurance at work after spending more than 6 years, while the others, especially in the education sector, demanded to renew their contracts after being dispensable by some educational administrations.


One of the most important reasons for these protests were privatization and the government’s intention to sell some factories, pushing workers to refuse this tyranny, the report said.