Ikhwanweb Expresses Solidarity With Saad El Din Ibrahim
Ikhwanweb Expresses Solidarity With Saad El Din Ibrahim
Monday, August 4,2008 01:12

Ikhwanweb expresses its disappointment at recent court order on August 2nd, 2008 against Dr. Saad el Din Ibrahim, professor of Political Sociology at the American University in Cairo and director of Ibn Khaldoun Center for Developmental Studies.

The court sentenced Dr. Ibrahim to two years prison term and 10,000 pounds fine after finding him guilty of defaming Egypt’s image abroad and making false statements which are harmful to Egypt’s national security, a charge the court said was supported by testimony by the Exterior Ministry.

Ikhwanweb believes the trial of Dr. Ibrahim is politically motivated and an attempt by the Egyptian regime to silence all voices of opposition.

We express our full solidarity with Dr. Ibrahim and call on democratic and civil society institutions to support Dr. Ibrahim and step in for his defense.