New Arrest Warrant against MB Blogger Al-Monayer
New Arrest Warrant against MB Blogger Al-Monayer
Sunday, July 27,2008 06:18

State Security Investigations (SSI) reissued on Saturday arrest warrant against MB blogger Mamdouh Al-Monayar after he was released by the Supreme State Security Prosecution on Monday.


Al-Monayer"s family said he spent three days till Thursday in inhumane and miserable conditions in Al-Sadat city jails before moving him to Tanta state security premises.


He was snapshot and proceeded Finger print Criminal Record after which he was asked to prepare himself for going home according to the release decisions.


However, he was driven Saturday morning to Wadi Annatroun prison again where they informed him of the new arrest warrant, his family told Ikhwanweb.


During that period, he has not been referred to any security officer for investigation.


Al-Monayer is considered the only remaining April 6 detainee, despite receiving numerous release decisions.

Egyptian Ministry of Interior has released many criminal prisoners under presidential amnesty on July 23, revolution anniversary. However the regime has excluded political detainees from this amnesty.


Al-Monayar as well as others were detained on April 8, two days after the clashes between the people and the security forces at Al-Mahalla Al-Kubra. He spent 18 days at Mahalla’s state security premises before being released and examined by the forensic medicine. However, he soon received another arrest warrant.


His family appealed to rights organizations, journalists, and mass media to unite in solidarity with Al-Monayer.


He denounced the fact that he was not mentioned in the latest Human Rights Watch Report despite the torture he suffered in custody at Mahalla state security headquarters.