Shehab’s Statement on The Muslim Brotherhood is "improper", says MB MP
Shehab’s Statement on The Muslim Brotherhood is
Sunday, July 20,2008 09:55

Dr. Hamdi Hassan member of the MB parliamentary bloc has strongly denounced the statements made by Mofeed Shehab (Minister of the State for the Parliamentarian and Legal Affairs) in which he refused to dialogue with the Muslim Brotherhood saying it’s "as illegitimate as Israel."


In a statement to Ikhwanweb, Hasan said that Shehab’s words were improper; “A man of such a scientific status should not have said those words regardless of his political affiliation” Hasan added.


“It’s improper to liken his fellow Egyptian citizens to Israel even in the case of political disagreements. Dr. Shehab claims not to hold talks with the MB because they are illegitimate. Does he or his party dialogue with the other legitimate political parties?" Hassan told Ikhwanweb.


Hassan stressed that no one can deny the effective role of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Egyptian political life.


“To know who’s legitimate and who’s not, let the elections be fair to find out who derives legitimacy from the people and who utilizes the fraud and thuggery to usurp power” Hassan added.


During his meeting with the students’ camp at Alexandria, Minister Mofeed Shehab stressed the importance of dialogue with others who have different views and cultures. However, when a student asked him about the regime’s refusal to dialogue with the MB, he replied that the MB is not existent.

“I don’t acknowledge the Muslim Brotherhood because it’s an illegitimate entity. I can accept you as a pious person not as an organization. We dialogue with the legitimate entities only. For instance, we don’t dialogue with Israel unless it gives the Palestinian rights back,” he added.