Arab Doctors Union: ICC Adopts Double-Standards
Arab Doctors Union: ICC Adopts Double-Standards
Friday, July 18,2008 07:00

The Arab Doctors Union (ADU) criticized the arrest warrant against Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir passed by the International Criminal Court. It dismissed the decision as "groundless" and said it reveals double standards.


The ADU stressed that it strenuously refuses and condemns any practices of human genocide. But it said that claims that Al-Bashir orchestrated collective rapes, genocide, and ethnic cleansing in Darfur are "groundless."


The ADU called on the International Criminal Court to abandon its "double-standard policies." The court’s stance was passive towards what’s happening in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, or other countries suffering from massacres and injustices, the statement said.  


The statement said that the ADU refusal of the arrest warrant is based on the factual findings of the ADU delegation to Sudan in August 2004, comprising many professionals from the Arab Professional Unions. The delegation included dozens of the medical convoys in Darfur. The last convoy was in May 2008 and found out that there are no genocides, collective rape, or ethnic cleansing.



The ADU called on the Arab, Islamic, and African countries, the Islamic Congress Organization, Arab League, NGOs, and Arab Professional Unions to take a serious stance against the court ruling and in solidarity with Sudan.