MB MP: Wheat Sufficiency Needs Faithful Gov’t Efforts
MB MP: Wheat Sufficiency Needs Faithful Gov’t Efforts
Friday, July 11,2008 05:55

Dr. Hamdy Ismaeel (member of the MB parliamentary bloc and member of the PA’s Committee of Agriculture and Irrigation) said that Egypt can easily attain self-sufficiency in wheat when government officials have the true will to do that.


In a statement to Ikhwanweb, he discussed a proposal submitted by the MB parliamentary bloc last legislative term visualizing how Egypt can reach self-sufficiency in wheat through allocating nearly one billion EGP for removing the mines from the northern coast; it"s estimated by three millions of the most fertile acres suitable for wheat.


Doing this, the cultivated land spots in Egypt will reach 6 million acres. Such lands will produce nearly 13 million tons of wheat yearly. Such an amount will suffice the Egyptians.


During a symposium held in Cairo titled “Wheat and The Global Prices”, Deck Berior (deputy director of the American Wheat Institution) asserted that Egypt could produce and cultivate all its wheat needs and reach self-sufficiency indicating that the issue might succeed if the government prioritized it.


He denied any political pressures on Egypt to buy the American wheat. He denoted that prices are valued by the market rather anybody else even the American President. “President Bush cannot set prices for wheat, market mechanisms only do that” he said.