Military Rulings Contests Postponed Till September
Military Rulings Contests Postponed Till September
Sunday, July 6,2008 04:40

Administrative Judiciary Court decided Saturday to defer to September two contests filed by the defense panel of the 18 MB leaders, including Khairat El Shater second deputy of MB, in which they demanded immediate release of the official copy of April 15 verdicts.


The contested officials include ministers of Justice, Defense, and Interior as well as the Prosecutor General, Military Judiciary Administration, Military Prosecutor General, chief of the Supreme Military Court, assistant of the minister of interior for prisons’ department, and commissioner of Torah’s Farm prison.


MB lawyers have filed a challenge last 18 June before the administrative judiciary court calling for immediate withdrawal of the negative decision of the refusal of the Military Court’s chief to hand them an official copy of the rulings passed in lawsuit no. 2 of 2007 during last 15 April session and its possible consequences.


Lawyers indicated that the verdict deprived the contesters of their constitutional and legal right to appeal it. They asserted that refusing to hand the defendants a copy of the verdict for more than two months after its release indicates that the rulings were passed on political basis.


In addition, lawyers have filed another challenge in June 2nd against the aforementioned officials calling for swift withdrawal of the contested decision under the original verdict draft for the immediate release of the detainees with their other demands met.