Muslim Brotherhood Columnist Arrested in Mahalla
Muslim Brotherhood Columnist Arrested in Mahalla
Saturday, June 28,2008 05:52

State Security Forces have kidnapped Muslim Brotherhood member and director of The Muslim Generation Schools Mohamed El Sorogy while he was passing through a checkpoint at Mahallah al-Kubra city last Thursday.
 He was kept in custody at Mahallah Police Station on his return from a meeting for the Committee of Coordination between Political Parties and Forces at Gharbia governorate.
His wife stated that there has been an arrest warrant against him since January but he was abroad. He was captured at the checkpoint and expected to appear before the court’s Assembly at Abu-Ali district, but he did not.  There is news that he was either taken by the police truck or that he is still at the state security headquarters of Mahallah.
Mohamed El Sorogy is a columnist to the Muslim Brotherhood Arabic website and other opposition newspapers and websites.