Scientific Research in Egypt Lives a Delirium State: MB MP
Scientific Research in Egypt Lives a Delirium State: MB MP
Monday, June 23,2008 04:30

MB MP Mohsen Radi submitted an inquiry to the Minister of Higher Education about the status of scientific research, saying it suffers “anemia and delirium.”

He cited what an economy professor in Developing Countries Research Center said,  that the scientific environment in Egypt is not appropriate for scientific research despite the fact that some 120 thousand Egyptians work in that field.

There are a lot of obstacles facing these people, he said. These include low salaries, absence of modern scientific equipments and equipped labs, in addition to the absence of real mechanism for marketing.

Radi criticized the fact that the budget specified for scientific research is very poor compared to other expenses. It doesn’t exceed 0.5% of the GDP.  In private companies it doesn’t exceed 2.5% from sales size which is a tiny percentage, whereas 95% is spent on salaries, and only 5% on equipments and laboratories. This has brought development in Egyptian industries to a standstill, he said. 

There are about 114 NGOs interested in scientific research, but without a unified entity to sponsor their activities, while developed countries spend 6% of their GDP on scientific research.