“Citizens against Price Hikes”: Businessmen Orchestrate Price Hikes
“Citizens against Price Hikes”: Businessmen Orchestrate Price Hikes
Tuesday, May 20,2008 17:24

The Movement Against Price Hikes called upon the attendees of Dafus World Economic Forum in Sharm al-Sheikh to mild towards the third world countries and accused the companies affiliated to the great countries of causing the price hikes all over the world and thus harming poor countries.

Mahmoud al-Asqalani, spokesperson of the movement, asserted that nearly 1400 Egyptian businessmen have already participated in the forum, “hence this indicates that the majority of the businessmen is linked to the global companies for increasing prices and devouring the poor.”

He said that global corporations control the economy of developing countries and adopt unethical economic systems. Using food as a cardinal fuel is immoral and inhuman; it is used by developed nations that take over the majority of the world’s wealth.