Bush’s speech to Dafus Economic Forum is “Provocative”, says MB MP
Bush’s speech to Dafus Economic Forum is “Provocative”, says MB MP
Tuesday, May 20,2008 07:28

Dr. Mohamed Beltagi (Secretary General of the MB parliamentary bloc) has strenuously criticized the “provocative” speech delivered by U.S. President, George Bush, before Dafus World Economic Forum held in Sharm al-Sheikh.

Bush urged the audience to reject Hezbollah and Hamas and to view Iran as the major risk threatening the whole region due to its nuclear technologies.

“Bush seems to ignore that the major risk is not represented in Iran’s possession of nuclear energy nor Hamas that resists the occupiers of their lands; but the real danger is Israel due to its possession of massive covert nuclear weapons threatening the whole region, in addition to occupying the Palestinian territories and committing heinous massacres against innocent people," Beltagi said in a parliament session Tuesday.

In his speech before Dafus, Bush called on Arab countries to face Iran’s nuclear ambitions and said “all peace- loving states should do that,” and added that Iran shouldn’t be allowed to possess nuclear weapons. He described Iran as the biggest country backing terrorism in the world and, therefore, it shouldn’t be permitted to possess such weapons that threaten the future generations.