Number of MB Detainees Released
Sunday, April 29,2007 00:00
By Ikhwanweb

A number of Muslim Brotherhood (MB) detainees from governorates of Gharbiya, Sharqiya and Dakahlia (north of Cairo), were released after holding them, like many still under arrest, over groundless charges.

In Gharbiya, 5 Mb detainees were released after the state security forces detained them on Tuesday, Jan., 2, 2007, as part of a crackdown that included several governorates.

Gharbiya detainees who are released:

1- Khaled Rehab

2- Alaa Gharaba, veterinarian .

3- Ahmed Al Nagar, dental technician at Tanta faculty of dentistry .

4- Muhammad Nagib, employee in the regional NGOs federation

5- Nasr Nour, headmaster of Al-Geel Al-Muslim School in Al-Mahalla

There are other MB members who were detained on the same day but are still behind bars:

1- Mohamed Basyouni Al Qasabi, a teacher in Al-Geel Al-Muslim School in Al-Mahalla (he was not at home when his house was raided but was detained later in the street)

2- Fawzi Al-Marasi, lawyer

3-Eng. Nour Al-Islam Abdul Monsef Hammad, Computer engineer (he was not at home when his house was raided but was detained later in his company)

Those released from governorate of Sharqiya:

The state security prosecution in Cairo decided on Saturday, April, 28, 2007, to release four of the Sharqiya MB members who were detained Feb., 15, 2007.

The members released are:

Sabri Abdul Maqsoud, employee in the Ministry of Education, Fakous

Qanoue Nagm Husseini, teacher, Al-Ibrahimiya

Al-Sayyed Abdou Salama, a real-estate tax collector – Hihia

Mahmoud Al Kashef, merchant- Abu Kabeer

While the detention of the following detainees was prolonged:

Sayed Abdul Magid, teacher, Al-Ibrahimiya, detention prolonged for 15 days

Abdul Nasser Abdul Hamid Ibrahim, teacher-Fakous, detention prolonged for 15 days

Those released from Governorate of Dakahlia:

Mohamed Abu Agour, owner of Al-Kalima publishing house in Mansoura;

Ahmed Mahmoud, owner of Badr publishing house in Mansoura ( both of them were detained on Friday Jan. 27, 2007 from the Cairo International Book Fair).

Ali Mohamed Hisham, he was arrsted in front of his house in the village Sendob, Mansoura on Monday March, 12, 2007.

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