Bloggers Call for Coordination Among Opposition for May 4 Strike
Bloggers Call for Coordination Among Opposition for May 4 Strike
Thursday, May 1,2008 13:35

A group of anti-NDP youth called in their blog for a coordination between opposition forces on the day of May 4 strike to act as the beginning of a national coalition for change.

 The call comes within the framework of a forward vision proposed by the bloggers regarding May 4 Strike “awaiting the day of Egypt’s freedom, when Egyptians will enjoy justice and peace.”

The bloggers called the university professors and their clubs to continue their protests calling for financial cadre and refusing the regime’s policies toward them and the security intervention in universities.

Bloggers called on the university students to participate in the protest activities proposed by their professors provided that such participation would not be less than 15 minutes used for writing for the media and journals in solidarity with their professors and refusing the security intervention in the university as well as the deteriorating educational conditions of the university.

Most strangely, bloggers called upon the “patriotic and honest policemen” to go on strike for ten minutes at work to protest against the intermingling of political issues with security ones and against being used as an instrument for terrifying and persecuting the people.

They called on Egyptian workers to organize demonstrations for 15 minutes throughout Egyptian factories, especially at the Spinning and Weaving Companies of al-Mahalla al-Kubra and Kafr Al-Dawwar, to protest the government’s hesitation in solving the workers problems amidst rocketing prices.

They called on all participants in the strike to rally in black clothes silently in the streets of down Cairo and in major squares across the country at 10 pm for one hour and with candles.