Muslim Brotherhood Statement on May 4 Strike
Muslim Brotherhood Statement on May 4 Strike
Tuesday, April 29,2008 08:40

Muhamed Mahdy Akef stated that the Muslim Brotherhood is against general policies that consolidate corruption and despotism, and that the MB encourages any proactive behavior by the people towards their nation"s pressing problems. Peaceful reform is the responsibility of the Egyptian people and all sincere national forces.

The MB supports peaceful protests that call for the solution of crises and resolving the deteriorating conditions which the Egyptian people suffer.

Since the Executive Authority has turned a blind eye to all the calls for reform, the MB declares its endorsement of the call to stay at home next May 4, with the exception of those working in medical and public service institutions, and those who have exams in any educational institution.

The MB confirms its rejection of any attempt to inflict harm or damage on State Institutions or public and private properties, and repeats its call on those participating in the strike not to turn peaceful protest into chaos.