Is Muslim Brotherhood Mubarak’s Real Fear
Is Muslim Brotherhood Mubarak’s Real Fear
Sunday, April 27,2008 07:25
By Fred Stopsky

The recent elections in Egypt were marked by pressure exerted upon candidates who ran as members of the Muslim Brotherhood. In 2005, Brotherhood candidates who ran as independents were able to secure about 20% of the votes. The organization is barred and more than 800 of its members were arrested prior to the April 8 election. According to the Brotherhood’s Deputy Chairman, Momhammed Habib, “it looks like the ruling National Democratic Party is not able to compete fairly with the Muslim Brotherhood” and they panicked when they saw the results of the 2005 election. Originally, the MB hoped to field 10,000 candidates in the elections that were held two weeks ago, but only 21 made it onto the ballot papers.

Mubarak is making the same mistakes that were made by the Shah of Iran before he was overthown by Islamic clerics. Mubarak is relying on force, intimidation, and terror rather than focucing on creating a vibrant economy that offers jobs and security to the population. Thousands of well educated Egyptians leave their nation each year in search of decent jobs, this results in robbing the economy of the talents of those who might be able to stimulate economic develoment.

Where does the United States stand in regard to the disastrous policies of President Mubarak? America supplies him with money, but the money rarely results in economic development or the creation of first class education that could allow Egyptians opportunities to rise from poverty. The end result is always the same– a revolution that brings forth radical elements into power.