Morsi: Jailed MBs Sacrifice for Egypt’s Freedom
Morsi: Jailed MBs Sacrifice for Egypt’s Freedom
Thursday, April 17,2008 06:07

Dr. Mohamed Morsi, member of the MB Executive Bureau, stressed that the latest convictions of the 25 MB figures by the military court will never affect the MB movement which withstood many crises since king Farouk and throughout its history.

He indicated that these unjust court decisions are considered badges of honor and an indication of these individuals’ role in reform and resisting the tyrant regime, adding that the entire country, not only the MB, is suffering at the hands of Egyptian regime, its political intolerance and failed policies.

Morsi also stated that Muslim Brothers sacrifice thier freedom now so the rest of the country enjoy it in the future. He praised the jailed MB leaders and their families for their role in helping and strenghing the economy and trying to put an end to government corruption, while many others who destroyed the country and undermined its stability are protected by those in power. 

" this group of noble citizens are striving for justice and freedoms, and they represent the natural extension of their previous Brothers who sacrificed themselves for the welfare of this country and the sake of their faith".

Morsi concluded by reaffirming that the MB will continue to assume its responsibilities in achieving reforme for the country and will pursuit its agenda despite of oppression and unjust court ruling.