Security Violations in Fayoum University
Security Violations in Fayoum University
Wednesday, April 2,2008 17:51
By Nadine Abdullah
Dozens of the Egyptian state security forces have entered Fayoum university today attacking Muslim Brotherhood students and terrorizing all students inside the university in Fayoum governorate.
Security forces cordoned the university and closed its gates for more than four hours, denying the access of any student or even university professor into the university. All students, including females, were trapped inside the university and none was allowed to leave it.
Today’s shocking attack turned into a protest by the students inside the university denying besieging them inside the university and terrorizing them after the security forces harshly assaulted dozens of MB students, causing injuries to many of them.
It is noteworthy that the security violations inside the university have reached beating and assaulting female students, tracking students inside the university to terrorize them, and arresting 3 MB students.
The students arrested are Mahmoud Fawzy Ahmed, Abdullah Ragab Ahmed Al-Meligi, and Salah Sha’ban Al-Zarbawi.
Today’s violations were not the first, as students face security intervention in Egyptian universities all along the year. Fayoum university witnessed the detention of three other students a few months ago without giving any justified reason for their detention.