Int’l Conference Against Occupation BeginsThursday in Cairo
Int’l Conference Against Occupation BeginsThursday in Cairo
Tuesday, March 25,2008 15:33

The sixth International conference against Israeli and American Occupation will kick off Thursday March 27 for three days in Cairo. Political movements, popular committees, civil society  institutions and independent figures along with representatives from the Muslim Brotherhood will participate in the conference. 

 The conference will be held at the Press Syndicate in Cairo. Participants are expected to voice their opposition to "Zionism" and rejecting anti-Semitism and all forms of religious and racial oppression and supporting to the Palestinians right of return  
Dr. Abdul Fattah Rizk, one of the conference organizers, confirmed to Ikhwanweb that this conference is the sixth of its kind to be held to support resistance against military occupation in Palestine and Iraq . He added that the opening session of the conference will be attended by many representatives of political, Islamic and leftist powers in Egypt in addition to delegations from all over the world along with representatives from Palestine , Iraq , Lebanon and Sudan .
The conference will also shed light on the humanitarian tragedy in Iraq under occupation, backing national unity projects in Iraq and fighting dictatorship, corruption and tyranny in the Arab world .