Military Court Postpones Its Ruling to April 15th
Military Court Postpones Its Ruling to April 15th
Tuesday, March 25,2008 04:36

The military court trying 40 Egyptian reformers belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood will not decide on the case till  till April 15th, .

Some analysts predicted the trial to be used  by the government to pressure  the Muslim Brotherhood in the run-up to the local councils elections, said Abdul Moneim Abdul Maqsoud, a Muslim Brotherhood lawyer and a member of the defense team .
The local concils elections will be held April, 8th. The government has denied thousands of MB potential candidates the chance to stand elections.

Meanwhile, more than 1000 protestors, including families of the MB leaders referred to military tribunals, are staging a protest outside the Haickstep military base condemning the repeated adjournment of the final verdict. The MB families protesting have been joined by the US delegation who came to attend the final court session.