Akef: Applying Sharia Reinforces Status of Minorities in Muslim State
Akef: Applying Sharia Reinforces Status of Minorities in Muslim State
Monday, March 24,2008 19:15

Mohamed Mahdi Akef, chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood group, denied that adhering to Islam and making it a system of life through applying Islamic Sharia hurts none Muslim minorities in the Islamic Nation, and it doesn"t harm unity among all components of the nation. He stressed that Islam has tackled this issue.
Akef added in his weekly message marking Birthday of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) that Allah the Exalted the Majestic sanctified the human unity in general.

"Not so long ago, the Jews were living in Islamic states and Christians are live with us unworried about their money, houses and lives. Their trade and businesses yield profits. What is happening now is a result of the Western countries that sent the Zionists to our land.
Akef pointed out that the Copts and people of Egypt have been singled with a special will from the messenger - peace be upon him. Islam preserved the sanctities of their houses and didn"t allow that any one enter these houses without a permission from them. He urged Muslim rulers and world leaders to read this will so that they stop intimidating children, elders and women through storming into houses, disheveling contents of these houses and stealing whatever they find.
The message addressed also these Islamophobes and calle don them to know that Islam"s attitude towards minorities is fair and clear. Islam looks at the West and foreigners with peace and tolerance as long as they are dealing well. If they have bad intentions and their crimes are spread, the Quran tells how to deal with them.
We don"t seek this unity at the expense of our religion and we never accept bargaining for its sake on our beliefs, and we never harm from its sake Muslims" interests. We seek this unity through truth and justice.

The message pointed out that our religion has several indisputable constants and beliefs for which we sacrifice our souls and money. They include: that the Islamic nation is united, and that attacking a part of it is considered an attack against all other parts. Also, Islam orders Muslims to retain sovereignty in their houses and their countries, to call others without compulsion, to follow the shining guidance of Islam. Also, the Muslim Brotherhood believes that any country that attacks any Muslim country is an unjust country that must stop its aggression, and that Muslims must prepare themselves to drive out this aggressor. Palestine is a Muslim country that shelters Al Aqsa Mosque, the first of the two Qiblahs and the third holy place and no one whatever his power is allowed to bargain the Jews or the United States on it and no one is allowed to grant legitimacy to the Zionists or any other people who don"t deserve it.