House’s Legislative Committee OKs Lifting Immunity on 2 Brotherhood MPs
Wednesday, May 9,2007 00:00
By Ikhwanweb

The committee of the legislative and constitutional affairs in the Egyptian People’s Assembly decided in its meeting on Tuesday evening to lift immunity on Muslim Brotherhood MPs Rajab Abu Zeid and Sabri Amer at the request of the Justice Minister counselor Mamdouh Marie in the case no. 372 of the year 2007 higher state security.
The legislative committee meeting witnessed wide scale objections from the opposition, Muslim Brotherhood and independent MPs to this request, confirming that this request is malicious especially after the two MPs were arrested last week and released on the second day under the pretext that there was no red-handedness; this confirms that there is no case of red-handedness.
Some opposition MPs demanded allowing the MPs to be questioned without lifting the immunity like other cases that the committee discussed previously; after some disputes, some National Democratic MPs hinted that there are plans for allowing the MPs to give their testimonies without lifting the immunity; however, when the committee held a closed meeting, the National Democratic MPs voted for lifting the immunity, rejecting the opposition demands.
It is worth mentioning that 6 MPs rejected the legislative committee’s decision of lifting the immunity: Sobhi Saleh, Saad Al Husseini and Gamal Hanafi, Alaa Abdul Moneim, Saad Abboud and Mohamed Al-Omda.
For his part, MP Sabri Amer, said in a statement to Ikhwanweb that this decision is a part of the continuous policy of settling scores between the Egyptian regime and the Muslim Brotherhood, starting from sweeps of arrests against MB leaders and even arresting me and fellow MP Rajab Abu Zeid for 26 hours without any legal basis.

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