Election Committee Ignores Court Orders to Register Hundreds MB Candidates
Election Committee Ignores Court Orders to Register Hundreds MB Candidates
Saturday, March 15,2008 03:36
By Mohamed Ismail

 The committee supervising Egyptian municipal elections scheduled to be held April, 8th, refused to comply with the administrative court"s rulings ordering it to accept hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood"s candidates.

The court ruling was issued on Thuresday as members and leaders of the Muslim brotherhood staged several demonstrations nationwide to vice their ndemnation of the government refusal to allow them to register to run in the local elections. In the coastal governorate of Alexandria , more than a thousand demonstrated outside the Administrative Court while the court was hearing appeals of the group"s candidates who were denied the chance to submit their papers to allow them to run in the elections. 6000 resumed their demonstrations in 4 key regions in Alexandria in protest at this administrative and security harassments against potential candidates.
In the governorate of Gharbiya, thousands of Muslim Brotherhood members and sympathizers staged demonstrations under heavy security blockade that led to rounding up to 15 members in El-Mahalla El-Kubra .

On Thuresday, deadline for candidates to register,several other demonstrations were staged in protest. While the courts continued to oreder local officials to accept opposition candidates who were eligible to run; the government ontinued to ignore these rulings arresting and chasing candidates.
Only one hour before the registration deadline, the Secretaries of the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) in Cairo went to the general directorate in Cairo to submit slates of the NDP candidates under strict instructions from Ahmed Ezz, the NDP Organization Secretary-General, of not revealing names of those listed in the slate to avid that any NDP candidate run as an independent. He also threatended to dismiss any NDP members who may run as independent. However, some NDP members, i.e Menya, were aware of this scheme and submitted their papers to run as independent.
In Port Said , a lawyer for 33 MB potential candidates said that security forces stormed into his office and disheveled its contents. 26 MB candidates in Dakahlia managed to submit their papers by court force. For its part, the Administrative Court ordered 630 Muslim Brotherhood candidates be included in the final lists of candidates in governorates of Bani Suwayf, Kafr Al-Sheikh, Al-Qalyubia and Al Fayyum, while the northern governorate of Damietta refused to comply to the court ruling of including 124 MB candidates.
In Alexandria , the Administrative Court ordered 95 MB candidates in Alexandria in the final candidate lists, and dismissing the Interior Minister"s decision of making the election registration committee refuse to receive candidacy papers.
Also, the Administrative Court in Ismailia dismissed the election committee"s decision of not refusing to receive candidacy papers of 28 Muslim Brotherhood in the governorate of Suez .
In the same context, Mohamed Mahdi Akef, the Muslim Brotherhood chairman, will hold on Saturday afternoon in MB Executive Office headquarters in the Egyptian capital Cairo , to declare the group"s attitude towards the violations committed by the Egyptian government against MB candidates and to declare the group"s attitude towards elections in coming period.