Islamic Parliaments Forum Condemns Israel’s War Crimes in Gaza
Islamic Parliaments Forum Condemns Israel’s War Crimes in Gaza
Tuesday, March 4,2008 16:11

The International Forum for Islamic Parliaments (IFIP) lashed out at the war crimes committed by Israeli Occupation Force (IOF) against Palestinian civilians. "The Israeli occupation forces have committed during the past few days and in front of the international community a heinous crime against the Palestinian people, killing more than a hundred martyrs and injuring other hundreds including toddlers, elders and women", the IFIP said in a statement.
The International Forum for Islamic Parliaments condemns this brutal crime, denounces any collaboration with the Israeli Occupation forces, and calls on freemen all over the world to support these people specially while this crime is committed.
1-Sees that what happened against the besieged people in Gaza is genocide and a crime against humanity that every one should condemn it.
2- Calls on the Palestinian people to remain steadfast, to stick to resistance and not to concede their legitimate rights regardless of the fierce fighting and raids.
3- Calls on the Palestinian factions to hold sit on the table of dialogue and close ranks under a national banner that achieves unity, protects the resistance and preserves the rights of the Palestinian people .

4- Calls on Arab leaders to make the coming Damascus summit a summit for supporting Palestine, lifting the blockade on Gaza, a summit for raising the Arab and Palestinian dignity and to move ahead of the summit to work for ending the Israeli occupation forces" aggression and rally support for the Palestinian rights .

5- The IFIP highlights the effective roles carried out by its parliamentary blocs role for stopping the aggression, lifting the blockade and supporting Palestine through rallies, sit-ins and demonstrations plus other mechanisms available in their countries.

6- The IFIP calls on parliaments and all legislative bodies all over the world to condemn this heinous crime committed against the civilian citizens in Gaza and to label these massacres committed by IOF as a genocide and a war crime whose perpetrators must be punished according to international laws.
The International Forum for Islamic Parliaments has also invoked mercy upon the souls of the martyrs lives and prays for the recovery of those who were injured during the raids, urging resisters to remain till they attain a complete victory for the Palestinian people.
In a statement to Ikhwanweb, IFIP chief Abdul Magid Al Manasera confirmed that what was committed against the Palestinian people in Gaza amounts to a racial genocide. He also condemned the silence of the Arab rulers whose reactions didn"t live upt to the level of the crimes committed by the Israeli Occupation Forces.