Government Violence Against University Students Continues
Government Violence Against University Students Continues
Sunday, February 24,2008 20:56
By Nadine Abdullah
In a continuation of the of excessive interference by authorities in the activities of university students and staff; both the Jordanian and Egyptian universities witnessed a series of brutal attacks on university students last week.
Jordanian universities witnessed an unprecedented incident on Saturday(Feb. 23rd, 2008) where many students were attacked inside the university campus.
The students were violently attacked and beaten by the security forces according to witnesses .
However, Adnan Hiagna, the dean of students affairs in Al-Hashemia university, denied such attacks took place and stated his office never received any complaints about the incident, confirming that no one can ever attack or beat an university student inside the university campus.
In Egypt, dozens of State Security Forces and thugs attacked the MB students in Alexandria university last Wednesday.
The students were besieged and severly beaten by thugs, a number of them were transported to local hospitals suffering of wounds and broken bones .
It’s worth mentioning that the security forces positioned at the university doors deny access to anyone who does not have the university ID. However, dozens of anonymous men have entered the university beating the MB students in particular.
Students confirmed that such attack was witnessed by security forces inside the university. However they did not interfere to protect the students, which clearly proves the involvement of security apparatus in this heinous attack on students
It is noteworthy that dozens of MB students are arrested daily by security forces in Egyptian universities without any justifications other than their political views which the government does not approve..