Hebrew sources: Peres personally supervised IOF massacre in Khan Younis
Hebrew sources: Peres personally supervised IOF massacre in Khan Younis
Wednesday, February 6,2008 15:12

Hebrew sources have unveiled on Tuesday that the Israeli president Shimon Peres had personally supervised on Tuesday the IOF massacre in Khan Younis that claimed seven Palestinian lives and seriously wounded ten others.The website of the Hebrew Yedioth Ahronoth daily newspaper unveiled that Peres was at the office of the Israeli intelligence and personally watched the IOF bombardment of the PA police office in Khan Younis live through radar screens.

During Peres"s term as Israeli premier in nineties of the last century, the IOF troops committed a number of ugly massacres against innocent civilians in occupied Palestine and in Lebanon, including the Qana massacre in southern Lebanon in 1996 where at least 100 Lebanese children were mercilessly killed in an Israeli aerial attack.Since the US-hosted Annapolis last November, the Israeli occupation troops intensified their aggressions on the Palestinian people in Gaza Strip and the West Bank, killing tens of them and wounding hundreds others, in addition to tightening the grip of the economic siege on Gaza Strip.

For its part, Hamas Movement condemned that IOF massacre in Khan Younis, asserting that the attack was meant to create a state of security chaos and confusion in the Palestinian street.Hammad Al-Rokob, the spokesman of Hamas Movement in Khan Younis district, condemned the passive stand of the international community and the EU, charging that the European Union (EU) and the international community swiftly condemned the Palestinian attack in the Israeli Dimona city on Monday but failed to even criticize the daily Israeli aggressions on the Palestinian people.Moreover, Rokob affirmed that the IOF massacre against the PA policemen will neither shake the Movement nor force it to compromise its firm stands and national constants.