MB Bloc’s Mediation Allows 70-truck Aid to Gaza
MB Bloc’s Mediation Allows 70-truck Aid to Gaza
Tuesday, January 29,2008 15:47
10 members of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) parliamentary bloc for governorates of Cairo, Alexandria, Monofiya, Damietta , Ismailia, Suez and Asyut went to Al-Salam bridge and talked with authorities to allow aid shipments go to besieged citizens in Gaza. The Egyptian authorities prevented these aid convoys although Fatah-controlled presidency is leaving the Rafah crossing for five more days .
The MPs talked with state security services and army leaders in the region which led to giving access to trucks which have been stranded in front of the bridge during the last three days although this aid is offered by the Egyptian Doctors" Union, pharmacists syndicate plus some member of the People"s Assembly, the lower chamber of parliament.
The MPs managed to give access to about 500 tons of children"s milk, 20000 tons of rice, 12000 tons of macaroni, 10000 tons of potato plus convoys laden with drugs for cancer, renal dialysis and drugs required for surgeries (estimated up to 4 million Egyptian pounds), clothes, blankets in more than 70 trucks .
The MPs who helped in giving access to Gaza to these aid convoys are:
Hazem Farouk
Ashraf Badruddin
Abdullah Eliwa
Abdul Aziz Khalaf
Gamal Hanafi
Adel Hamed
Ali Fathulbab
Sabri Khalafallah
Hamdi Mohamed Ismail
Saad Khalifa
Abbas Abdul Aziz
Mohamed Kasba
Mahmoud Atiya .