Anti Gaza Blockade Protests Unabated
Anti Gaza Blockade Protests Unabated
Saturday, January 26,2008 03:57

Ikhwanweb - Cairo- Egypt
Dozens of demonstrations were staged in several Egyptian governorates on Friday afternoon, Jan, 25th, calling for immediately lifting the blockade imposed on Gaza and supplying this strip with fuel, electricity and food.
The biggest demonstration was held in Al-Azhar mosque in the capital Cairo. Thousands took to the street after Friday Prayer chanting slogans calling for lifting the blockade and condemning Arab governments attitude towards the besieged strip.
Also, thousands of visitors of the Cairo international book fair staged similar demonstrations calling also for supplying the strip with food and electricity.
In a related context, Egyptian government issued a decision of closing all border crossings between Egypt and Gaza except for Brazil crossing to allow thousands of Palestinians to return to Gaza and it prevented any other of Gazan citizens from entering Egyptian lands. This decision comes after hundreds of thousands of Gaza citizens crossed Egyptian borders, specially Al-Arish city to buy their needs and commodities after a tight blockade imposed by Israeli Occupation Forces that denied Gazans food, fuel and electricity.

MB executive bureau member Muhammad Mursi confirmed that public protests and relief efforts will continue with the help of all national currents and in all provinces across the country. He said he is not for closing the Rafah crossing border because keeping it open allows for the flow of relief to Gaza. There are many donations by the Egyptian people which should reach Gaza as soon as possible through Rafah.

Mursi called on the Egyptian government to contribute to donations, particularly fuel which cannot be done by the people. He praised statements by government officials and President Mubarak on Thursday that showed solidarity with Palestinians. However, he added that “words should be followed by positive actions.”